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How do you set up SSO with Active Directory using SAML? - Knowledgebase / API, SAML, integrations and general settings - Help Desk

How do you set up SSO with Active Directory using SAML?

Authors list
  • Ester Andersson

  • David Berg

Step 1 –Contact Learnifier

Contact and let us know that you want to set up SSO with Active Directory. We will then give you a customer-specific metadata URL for you to use.

*OBS: We recommend that you use at least AD FS 3.0 (included in Windows 2012R2) or later.*

Step 2 – Adding Learnifier as a Relying Party Trust in ADFS

Start the AD FS Management tool under Administrative Tools

Select the Trust Relationships folder and right click and select Add Relying Party Trusts

On the Welcome to the Add Relying Party Trust Wizard click Start

Make sure that the Import data about the relying party published online or on a local network button is selected.

Enter the customer-specific metadata URL you received from Learnifier. For example in this picture where you should enter "" in the field.

Edit the display name and note if you like. When finished click Next

On this page, select to not use MFA.

On this page, permit all users to access Learnifier

On this page, simply click Next

Make sure that the checkbox is marked and click close.

Click on “Add Rule”

Select to Send LDAP Attributes as Claims

Enter “Learnifier Claims” as the Claim rule name. Make sure that the Attribute Store is Active Directory and add the values according to the screenshot.

Step 3 – Contact Learnifier

Contact your representative and provide him/her with the URL of the SAML metadata for your Active Directory Federation Services. If the login web server / AD FS is reachable under the metadata is usually available at The link must be an HTTP link and the server must be reachable from the public internet.

You should receive a response shortly after that the connection is established.


Make sure that the Secure hash algorithm is set to SHA-256 (available under the Advanced tab) in the created Relying Party Trust.

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