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Email templates

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If you wish to customize your learning portal we recommend you create your own or customize already existing email templates.

Adding a new template

  1. Go to the library and click "Email templates".

  2. Click on "Add Email Template" or create a copy of a generic email template by clicking on the one you wish to copy and thereafter clicking “Copy” (this way you don’t have to build an email structure from scratch)

  1. Enter a name, description, and language (only visible for administrators) in the fields.

  2. Click on "Save email template" in order to save your changes.

  1. When you have saved your changes a new window will open. Click on "Edit Email" to start making edits.

  1. Create your email template and save your changes!

Editing an email template

Adding an image

  1. Select the image and click on the image icon in the menu.

  1. Add the URL to the new image and adjust the size so it fits your email.

Changing the color of the “Get started” button

To change the color of the “Get started” button, enter the email template builder and click “Source”. Search for “bgcolor” and add the HEX color of your choice.

Changing the background color

To change the background color of the email template, search for “background-color” (the first one) and change it to the HEX color of your choice.

A tip

If you wish your instructors to use specific course templates, but they must change a few things in the email depending on where they’re using it, we recommend marking the words that need to be changed with red.

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