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Editing you project

Authors list
  • David Berg

  • Ester Andersson

The course builder consists of four tabs, “Intro”, “Activities”, “Resources”, and “Settings. Enter the course builder by clicking “Edit course” on the “Overview” tab.

The “Intro” tab

On the intro tab, you can set an external project name (visible to participants) as well as a description of the course. To change the internal work name for the project, simply click on the title on the “Overview” tab.

The “activities” tab

This is where the magic happens! Rename the already created module by clicking on the three dots “Rename”. Add an activity, click on the plus sign, and add any content you choose.

The “Resources” tab

In the “resources” tab you can add content that you want to use as reference material or material that you think may be of interest to the participants. You can set an automation for when the resource will be available to the participant and also mark the resource so that it can be filtered out in searches.

The “Settings” tab

This is where you set or change the course image. Remember, a good course image should capture the participant's attention and help them understand the course's essence.

Preview your course by clicking “Preview” in the top right corner.

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