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Custom mail SMTP

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If you wish to use a custom mail SMTP, please provide the following information to

  • Mail-sender name (for example “Learnifier Academy”)

  • Mail-sender address (like (See chapter below regarding email addresses)

  • Mail-username

  • Mail-password

  • Protocol: SMTPS or StartTLS

  • Port

  • Mail-server hostname

The server must be publicly reachable on the internet and the username/password provided should be for a user that can send mail through that server.

NOTE: We want all customers that have a custom mail server to add DNS records to their name server which you can find further down in this article.

Please see the chapter named "Use the Microsoft 365 Defender portal to create outbound spam policies" ( to find instructions on how to set up an outgoing spam filter policy. If you are sending a lot of emails, it might be appropriate to set such a policy on the academy user and set the limits to something that is reasonable for you, both "external message limit per hour" and "daily message limit".


DKIM setup needs to be done for the mail servers that do not sign the mail themselves. Those of you using Office365, do not have to add DKIM records. To set up DKIM, please follow these instructions.

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