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Custom fields

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Custom fields are extra fields that can be added to a user's profile to more easily filter reports, use Automations, or limit visibility in the course catalog. Furthermore, custom fields can be used for an integration that you have with another system, for example, an HR system. Examples of different types of custom fields are found below:

  • Company

  • Role

  • Employment Number

Custom fields are available from the professional price plan. When a user logs in for the first time to a learning platform with custom fields, it can look like this (if there is an *, it means the field is mandatory to fill in). Note: Scroll down to find instructions on how to add custom fields.

From the admin perspective, custom fields can look like this:

To add custom fields, please get in touch with with answers to the following questions:

  1. Should the field be visible to participants or should only admins be able to fill it in?

  2. Should the field be answered with free text or choosing an alternative? If the latter, which are the alternatives?

  3. Should the field be shown in reports or not?

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