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  • Ester Andersson

Automations minimizes administrative work by automatically enrolling learners in relevant courses. For example, everyone who works in a specific team can automatically receive the team-specific playbook. To use Automations, custom fields need to be enabled (contact Learnifier support)

Available from: Enterprise

Note: when using Automations, learners are not automatically invited by email to the course, they will simply have access to it. Therefore, we recommend you always use Automations in combination with Automated communication if you wish to send automatic invitations to the learners.

  1. Go to the “Automations” tab



  1. Click "Add automation".



  1. Choose “Normal mode” or “Advanced mode” depending on how you wish your automation to work. In “Normal mode,” you can set only one rule. In “Advanced mode”, you can combine several rules.

  2. Use the symbols to create an automation that suits your needs. Here is a list of the available symbols to use:


“=” this means equals to.

“!=” this means not equal to.

“<-” means equal to or smaller than

“->” means equal to or bigger than

“<” means smaller than


  1. Set the status to live if you wish to activate it immediately or keep it as a draft.


  2. Scroll down and choose the course you wish to automate enrollments in.



  1. All done!


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