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What is the library?

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  • Ester Andersson

  • David Berg

The library streamlines your work and ensures all courses are up-to-date, and in this article, you’ll learn how to use it.

Why use the library?

By working in the library, you make sure that all of your created materials can easily be accessed and added to any of your projects seamlessly, making your course-building experience as smooth as possible. Furthermore, when updating the material in the library, all courses that use the specific material will be automatically updated. If you upload and create materials directly in the course these materials are not accessible to use in any future projects.

Where do I find the library?

The library is found in the middle of the navigation bar:


To stay organized, we recommend you use folders.

  1. To create a folder in the library, click on "Add Folder" in the top right corner and set a name.

  2. To upload material to a specific folder, enter the folder and click on "Add Material". It is also possible to move material from one folder to another in the library. Click "Actions" next to the material you want to move and choose "Move".

Uploading materials to the library

  1. Click on "Materials".

  2. Click on "Add Materials".

Adding library material to a course

  1. Click on the plus sign and choose “Quick add – upload or from library”

  1. Choose “From library” and “Shared library”.

  1. Add the materials you wish!

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