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Introduction to Learnifier roles - Knowledgebase / Administration / Roles - Help Desk

Introduction to Learnifier roles

Authors list
  • Ester Andersson

Admin: An administrator is a “global role” that has full access to all project data, users and details within the client. They are able to set up projects, inviting/removing participants, create courses and manage communication. etc.

Instructor: An Instructor is a “local role” that is based on the projects within Learnifier. The meaning of this is that the instructor only has the opportunity to manage the project that he/she has been invited to. Therefore, the instructor does not have access to users within the system and cannot access the shared library. The instructor role are able to invite participants, follow progress, gather reports and follow up on assignments/events etc.

Participant: A participant is a person that is attending a course in the Learnifier system. A person is referred to as a participant when they have courses in their “My courses”. If you want to read more about active users you can read more about it here.

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