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How do I add learners through API? - Knowledgebase / API, SAML, integrations and general settings - Help Desk

How do I add learners through API?

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  • Ester Andersson

To add learners via API, You will need the participant's email address, username, or API user id. Precisely as in the admin view, you need to add the participant to a course and then activate them.

POST /orgunits/{orgid}/projects/{projectid}/participants - Add participantPOST /orgunits/{orgid}/projects/{projectid}/participants/${participantId}/activate - Activate participant

The next step is to set up an automatic email in Learnifier, such as an invitation email that can be triggered when a participant is registered. Please see How to get started with automated communication or contact to learn more about automated communication. The full API documentation is available here.

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