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Adding and removing users - Knowledgebase / Administration / Roles - Help Desk

Adding and removing users

Authors list
  • Ester Andersson

  • David Berg

Users in Learnifier are all users regardless of what role they have. With that said, both learners, administrators, and instructors are users. However, when we talk about users, we most likely refer to learners.

  • Adding users

  • Removing users

Adding users

  1. Go to the “User” tab and click “Add users”



  1. Enter the user’s details and choose whether or not they should have any sort of administrative role.



  1. All done!

Removing users

  1. Click on the users in the user list.

  2. Under “Participations”, you can see which course the participant is invited to. In order to remove them, you must first remove them as participants from these courses first.

  3. Click “Delete”





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