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Adding or removing administrator

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Administrators are users who have access to setting up projects, inviting/removing participants, building courses and managing communications, etc. Administrators have full access to all project data and details within the client portal in Learnifier.

Adding administrators

Alternative 1 (if the administrator is not already a user):

  1. Go to "Dashboard" in the main menu.

  2. Go to "Invite an administrator" and click "Invite administrator".

  3. Enter the user's information and click "Save user details".

  4. Click "Send email".

Alternative 2 (if the administrator is already a user):

  1. Go to the user profile.

  2. Under "Roles", click "Add role".

  3. Choose" Administrator" and click "Assign".

Removing administrators:

  1. Go to the "Users" tab.

  2. Search for the person you want to remove as an administrator and click on their name.

  3. Go into the tab "Roles" and click on "Delete" to the right of "Administrator".

  4. Click on "OK" when a new window appears.

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