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Adding your first project - Knowledgebase / A project: from start to finish - Learnifier Helpdesk

Adding your first project

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Adding a new project is a piece of cake! Just follow the steps below and you’re ready to go.

  1. On the home page, click on "Add project" at the top of the page.

new project 1.png

  1. Name your project. This name will only be visible to administrators and can be edited at a later stage.

  2. Select your course design. Create a project from scratch by choosing "New Course" or use one of the templates if you wish to get a head start.

new project 2.png

  1. Set the time zone.

  2. Choose your language.

new project 2.png

  1. Click on "Next step”.

  2. All done!

Note: there are of course other ways you can create projects, such as via a template or by making a copy of another project.

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